Community Support

We believe in giving generously to those who are in need, and we find joy in doing so. We consider it a privilege to partner with these organizations to help the community become a better place for everyone. For more information on these organizations and the outstanding work they do in Kentucky and surrounding communities, please visit their website.

We Support 2 Organizations

The mission of Potter Children's Home & Family Ministries is to be a tool in the hands of supporting churches of Christ and individual Christians to deliver God's justice and mercy to children and families in need. They are a comprehensive child and family service organization that has been providing services to the children and families in Bowling Green for nearly 100 years, focusing on ending the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect through our residential and community programs. Potter Children's Home is building strong families, and giving children hope for a better tomorrow.

Organ donor awareness is an important issue to both Dr. Cowan and his wife, Amy. Our lives have been impacted by the tragic loss of Amy’s best friend’s husband, Tylan Smither who was an organ donor upon his death and Dr. Cowans best friend’s mother, Ms. Norma Patrick, who was awaiting a liver transplant at the time of her death.

The Red Boot Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and honoring the life and works of Norma Patrick. Ms. Patrick was a dedicated educator and mother who died from liver failure while awaiting transplant in April 2012. Ms. Patrick retired from The University of the Cumberlands in May of 2012. Upon her retirement she moved to the Houston, Texas area to be with her three grandchildren. In preparation for her perfection of the Texas two-step, Ms. Patrick bought candy apple-red cowboy boots. Unfortunately her liver failure caused her legs to swell to the point that she never got to cut a rug with the flashy red boots. The Norma B. Patrick Memorial Scholarship at The University of the Cumberlands is awarded yearly to single mothers in the Southeastern Kentucky area planning to pursue a degree in the field of education. The foundation is also committed to supporting organ donation awareness through the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates.